Two new releases

Two new releases are now available for you!

First, my long awaited novel New Beginnings and a novella for the Storyville Chronicles, both at Fiery Vision Publishing.

Get them on Amazon now.

More info through my Book page.


Sometimes, all it takes is a positive outlook on things. I’ve realized that over the last few weeks after so long without writing.

I think the last time I wrote anything substantial was March. **pause, goes to look** Actually, it was January 2020. I went eleven months without putting anything out there that I was satisfied with. I don’t consider smutty drabbles substantial. Sure, it made me write but it’s not satisfying.

This was my longest drought ever. I’ve had six weeks and three months but eleven months seemed like forever. I was genuinely unhappy during that time, feeling like I had nothing left. all the other hobbies I tried, I didn’t stick to for long. The only one that’s staying is penpalling but like writing, I’ve done since I was a teenager, so it’s easy to continue.

After this shake-up conversation I had with my friend, I realize I was counting way too much on validation from others to push myself forward. Yes, I need validation in life, but why did I need validation so much in my craft? That’s something I had to explore. And with my friend shaking me up like a tree to make me understand that, it helped a lot.

I counted too much on others to tell me I was good. The thing is, I know I’m good. And I’m not saying that to pat my own back. I know I’m good because otherwise, I wouldn’t have been published. Who publishes crap? Nobody.

So, I had to start with positive thinking. And if you know me, you know that it’s HARD for me to do. I’m not naturally inclined to think of the best outcome in anything. I have a general anxiety issue. Combine that with self-doubt, you get the worst possible outcome.

I started making changes in how I approach writing now. If I go a day without writing, it’s OKAY. It’s not the end of the world and I’m not putting an X on the calendar. Yesterday was like that because I had a migraine from hell and couldn’t tell day from night. It only means I have to write more the next few days.

And that’s how I’m nearly done with another novel. By thinking this way and no being so negative all the time.

What has 2020 left behind

Today is January 7, 2021. I wrote the date without typing 2020 so that’s a good start, isn’t it? 🙂

I know I haven’t been a regular here. A lot has happened since I last posted. So here’s a quick wrap up.

~I’ve published Bound Fate and Sealed Fate with mild success. I was expecting a little more but I’m still happy with how it turned out.

~I’ve edited a romance anthology, Boot It: A Literary Lover’s Anthology with Sincyr Publishing.

~I had to rescind my publishing contract for creative difference concerning my novel. After that, I spent months without writing anything substantial. I was in a complete rut. I tried to find other avenues, other hobbies but my heart is with my craft. I had to push through. I think my epiphany came through my friend Laurie who really shook me with a few common sense thoughts. Since then, I’ve started writing again. More to come on that.

~I found a new publishing house for my novel. I’m extremely happy about that. I feel it’s a good home for it.

~I also found another side job (I already have a main job and a side job connected to it), this time, as an editor. I’m quite excited about that. It means I can help others perfect their craft like I was helped and still am helped.

~I am writing again. An old project that I put aside 3 years ago but that suddenly screamed for my attention. I’m almost finished with it and hope to submit it to my publisher within two months.

What will 2021 bring?

~Happiness with my craft, I hope.

~More regular posts here (crossing my fingers!)

~A few collaborative projects

~And if I’m lucky, a life partner! 😉

The Fate series

I’ve been working so hard on these books and now, they’re in your hands. Maery and Roan are the characters I love the most in all of those I’ve created so far and their story means the world to me.

Thank you for demanding that I put them out. I’m glad I did.

Now it’s your turn to have them in your possession!

Here’s the link to my Amazon page to get them 🙂


news-65343_960_720I’m sorry I’ve not been that regular here. In truth, I do not have much going on, as I don’t write a lot these days. Not because I don’t want to, but because my Muse seems to be taking a long vacation like a sabbatical.

I do have some news.

An anthology I am part of, A Book To Last The Year is coming out December 31st. In my case, it’s the romance anthology (there is a fantasy and a horror one as well). There will be a launch party which you can join here. There will be prizes for those participating. My story is about childhood friends reuniting and slowly succumbing to the flame. You’ll know more when it comes out and you can pre-order here.

My novel will come out in 2020, but the release has to be pushed back a little for many reasons. I will keep you posted as things develop. All I can tell you is that I will soon discover the cover and I’m beyond excited about that. The rest is out my hands for now so have patience like I do.

In the meantime, if you see my Muse, send him back. I have a feeling he’s a stubborn one.

Learn when to quit

quit-jobThat’s what I did in the last few days.

I quit NaNoWriMo after less than 10,000 words. I feel off and disappointed but my head was not in it.

I was fully prepared; I had a full outline ready, my characters were present and ‘talking’ to me.

But after a few chapters, writing felt like pulling teeth and I realized I was bored with my story. Not bored of writing because I doubt that will ever bore me. But my story was not even entertaining me. How could it entertain you?

So, I had to learn when to quit and that was last week. I have other stories to keep me company, other projects in the works, don’t worry. I’ll do my best to keep you updated as well!