Blink of an eye

The last few weeks have gone in the blink of an eye. I’ve been quiet mostly because I’ve been quite busy. Work in the summer is really intense, we’re losing a co-worker soon, and my summer vacation is coming soon. So, I have a LOT to do.

My birthday came and went. I turned a big ol’ 36, have a few more gray hairs. I got a fabulous birthday, with a brunch AND a barbecue with friends. I was spoiled by my friends…because to be honest, my family wasn’t really present for it all.

Also, I’m preparing for Comic Con. My costume is mostly ready. I’m missing one part of the makeup but my friend will provide that for me once I’m there.

I’ve found rides to and from my holiday so expenses have lowered, which makes me quite happy. It also allows me to spend time with my friends on the road. I mean, who doesn’t love a road trip?

My kitties are coming home soon, right after my holiday! Meet Loki and Sharpe.

They’re both a year old, shelter cats, AND SO FLUFFY! They’re so affectionate and I’m already deeply in love with them. I even made them little green and blue scarves/collars. I’m not sure they’ll keep them on but I’ll try! More news as it comes along.

To my dismay, I still haven’t managed to write anything. And when I say anything, I mean nothing at all. Meds or not, I’m in a rut, a big one. It’s on my mind at all times, weighs heavy on my heart. So, I’m doing my best not to think about, to let my characters scream at me. I have four books stuck either at chapter four or chapter ten, and wonder if I’ll ever finish them. I’m even at the point where I’m thinking of flipping a table and starting over with a brand new story. Any advice?

What’s new with you? I miss hearing from you!




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