Sometimes, trying is all you can do.

Try not to cry.

Try to work.

Try to write.

Try to breathe.

Most days, these days, I don’t feel like I’m trying enough. For anything. I try to be there, to be a good friend, to not feel so lonely. I try to be patient to adopt my kitten. I try to not let anxiety take over.

Nothing feels enough. Not a damn thing. I feel like I’m in people’s faces, clinging to every single word so I’ll be acknowledged.

I hate feeling/being like this. Like I can’t manage all alone. Like I need encouragement to do everything. What is this? When did I become like this? An introvert shouldn’t need others so much, right?

It feels like I can’t breathe some days; like I’m useless and invisible.

So all I can do is try. Until I can’t anymore.


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