June writing challenge: Day 4

What is your dream job?


Funnily enough, I have my dream job at the moment. My first dream job, that is.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a nurse because my cousin Annie was one and she impressed me so much with her skills. Once, I even ‘accidentally’ injured myself so she’d care for me (I ‘fell’ into a ditch). Then I realized I’d have to do so many things that gross me out that I just shifted my dream job.

In my teenage years, I wanted to do something with reading. I devoured books one after the other, wrote in journals. But I talked more than I listened/read/wrote. I went to college in Literature and felt like I wasn’t in the right place. I still got my degree but to what end? I didn’t feel like going to university. (two different schools in my area). So I went to study in something completely different, baking.

Yup. Every day for four months, I made pie dough, cake I hated, whipped stuff I didn’t want to eat. It was hell. I dropped out without telling my dad, with whom I lived at that moment.

Then I saw an ad for a radio school. I called in to inquire about it and the voice on the other end just knocked my socks off. I knew that was what I wanted to do. That school year was the best/hardest/most expensive year of schooling in my life. But it was worth every penny, every late night, every heartache.

Fifteen years and a day later – really – my dream isn’t the same anymore. I feel like I’ve put on slippers. I don’t feel challenged and valued at work anymore. But my anxiety keeps me from moving forward. I’m doing my best to work on that and get on to something I love.

In the meantime, I write write write. That is my dream now. To be a full-time author. If anyone is hiring, let me know! 😉



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