June writing challenge day 3

Someone you’re grateful for.

Ugh, I don’t like this! If I name one person, others could feel put aside which is not the goal of this challenge. There are many people I’m grateful in my life, knowing they make a difference every day.

For some, it’s words of encouragement; others, simple gestures. Some are there to listen, to make me laugh, to uplift me. I need all of them in my life so choosing just one is extremely hard for me.

I’m grateful for friendships with so many people. I’m grateful for those who believe I can make it as a writer. I’m grateful for whoever thought of using cocoa beans to make chocolate. I’m grateful for kittens, bunnies, and dogs. I’m grateful for those who can stand me at my worst. I’m grateful for impromptu girls night. I’m grateful for movie nights. I’m grateful for a lovely sunrise at five in the morning.

Being grateful doesn’t end at a person.



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