June writing challenge: Day 1

What did you have for breakfast?

Fairly simple question. I eat the same thing every day save for one ingredient that changes. A banana, two apples, a 0% fat Greek yogurt with bran oats, and a breakfast muffin/bar I bake myself.

The only thing that changes is the recipe of the muffin/bar, day after day. And yes, it gets boring! *grins*

I don’t eat at home in the morning because I’m not hungry at 5am. So, I eat at work, at my pace.



2 thoughts on “June writing challenge: Day 1

  1. i usually forgo breakfast.
    However today i had an orange muffin … and a coke. i have no regrets about that.
    My problem is I wake up usually about half an hour before i have to leave and then i laze about in bed wanting to go back to sleep until five minutes before i have to be out the door and rush to get dressed.
    I have no one to blame for this but myself. and I’m still okay with that.
    i do have breakfast on the weekends with My better half though, so it counts then, right?


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