Do all the things!

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been having some personal issues that have made me…antisocial. I’d rather stay away than whine.

My writing has progressed quite well, in the midst of my antisocial days. Let’s just say that a project I’ve revived used to be nine chapters once final and at the moment, I’m into the ninth chapter of the revival…and what’s happening right now used to be in chapter three. Sooo…looks like it’s going well, isn’t it?

In the meantime, I’m waiting to hear about an anthology I submitted to and a project with two other authors. I’m taking the last turn to write about 30,000 words. *gasps*

Also, I’ll be going to my first Comic Con evaaah! Montreal Comic Con early July, you will see me go around as Lydia from the movie Beetlejuice. I have almost everything I need and I’m so excite!!


I might get the chance to meet David Tennant, James Marsters, or Nathan Fillion. *insert a squee* It’ll all depend on my finances and the prices of the photo ops. I aim for Tennant, of course! #Tenth #Kilgrave #Hardy But I’d love to meet the other two. I watched Nathan in One Life to Live, then onto everything else he’s done…almost (and yes, I’m that old to have watched him in OLTL). As for James…what else can I say but SPIIIIKE!! 😀 I’ll know about a week before I go.

Also new in my life, I’ll soon be on kitty trial. Yes, a judgmental cat will enter my home…


I have an allergy to cats but it’s been declining quite a lot in the past year, enough that I’ve contacted the local shelter to see if I can bring a cat home for a few days and keep it if all goes well. These are the three I picked first (if they haven’t been adopted yet).

I’m just as excited by this, though the kitty wouldn’t have a forever home with me until the end of July. I don’t want to leave it alone for two weeks during my vacation. Wouldn’t be fair, would it?

Don’t forget that tomorrow, we start the June writing challenge. Will you be there?

Let me leave you with my song of the week = inspiration for the soul.


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