264331_c966ef30d1022c652538ae8c35bfc4dcdcc792f1Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve been looking for a challenge; a writing challenge of course. Over the years, I’ve had many blogs and at some point, either trolls of lack of interest made me stop.

So, once in a while, I need to challenge myself. For the month of June, I want to try that. If you’re interested in doing it along with me, here’s the full list.


From what I found about this challenge, this is what is required.

Take part in the #30dayLFTchallenge, created by Live For Tomorrow – a project for those that are struggling with, care about, or are affected by youth suicide, depression, alcohol use, self-harm and bullying.


As some of you know, I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, some bouts of depression. I’ve also been the victim of bullying for in primary school and high school. So mental health issues are very important to me, hence the reason I chose this challenge.

If you’re joining me starting June 1st on your blog, on your Facebook account, on your Tumblr account, please let me know in comments. I’d love to read you!

See you June 1st!


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