I just told my editor I want to vomit in my mouth.

She said I shouldn’t because it doesn’t taste good.

That’s just what I needed… The novel I’m writing/re-writing at the moment has a new life…a new life that could turn out to be so huge that it could take a few years of my life. Not that I mind but I’m afraid I’m taking on something bigger than me.


All the normal doubts are going through my mind these days. Can I pull this off? Am I good enough? Will readers enjoy it? Will I find a publisher that believes in me?

You know, when I kept saying at 12-13 years old that I’d write a novel, I didn’t think that twenty years later, I would already have three novels under my belt but still doubt every single word I’d write, in what order, just to make sure my ideas are clear on paper.

I have amazing readers, people that encourage me, even friends that do want to read what I write. But even with that, crippling doubts fill me when I sit down to write on a daily basis. That’s usually when I let anything and everything distract me and I get absolutely nowhere.

If you have a way to make those doubts shut up, be my guest. I’ll take any suggestions.


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