Spring Cleaning: my personal tricks

For some, it’s called Spring Cleaning. For me, it’s called, ‘Eh, I was bored and needed to declutter’. I don’t wait for spring to arrive to start going through closets and drawers.


Just now, I finished re-arranging my closet and it still bothers me. I had to play Tetris with containers and clothes. Thing is, when you live in a one-bedroom apartment, there’s so much space you have. And I don’t want to use the storage room accessible to me in my building. Simply because I don’t trust the other tenants and also because one of them smokes and all his stuff smells of it. I don’t want the smell to get stuck to my things. The only things I leave in here are my tires.

Want some tricks to get on with yours and not be discouraged by the amount of work? Here you go, free of charge:

Do only one room at a time. Your parents taught you to finish your tasks? It’s the same thing here. Start one room and finish it before starting another.

The Golden Rule: If you haven’t used it in a year, OUT! If you hesitate, try to name one thing you could do with the thing. Can’t? OUT! Recycle, repair, or throw out if it’s beyond repair.

Sticky dust: declutter before actually cleaning shelves and walls (if you go that far. It’ll stop from catching dust on freshly cleaned areas.

Short? I use a Swiffer thingie to clean the walls instead of standing on a chair and moving it over and over. Less time cleaning and still as nice. But for the love of Mr. Clean, DON’T USE FLOORING CLEANER ON WALLS!

Store & Stack: Containers are your friends. Big and small. Store together similar things (crafts and arts, clothes – summer/winter).

Bills, bills, bills: I hate having bills lying around and I don’t have an entrance dresser – ain’t nobody got space for that. I have an old decorated shoebox in which I pile up bills. When the box is full, I file them in the box they will be for a year – or seven, if it’s tax stuff. Yes, seven years is the normal amount of year you keep tax documents.

How many? I used to have so many books. Just as many DVDs. True, I’m a book lover, writer, and cinephile. But I don’t have the storage space to keep everything. I bought a flipper storage case for my movies, only keeping the DVDs/Blu Rays. As for books, I kept the ones I knew I’d re-read and the unread. All the others were listed and will be/have been bought on my tablet. It’s not the same, I know, but it freed so much space!

That shirt is how old? My comfy/sicky shirt is 20 years old. I can tell you when and where I bought it. I can’t physically bring myself to get rid of it. BUT…a clothes cleaning is necessary. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, chances are you won’t again. Charity shops, local shelters, or even your own clothes charity sale can be done! Also…upcycling clothes can be fun. Look that up on Pinterest.

Mama no! Stop your mother/parents, from giving you their old stuff. Or, at least, ask yourself if you really need those things. If it’s a family heirloom, go for it. But if it was your grandma’s broken whisk, what will you do with it? Un-break it? Nope! Ouuuut! I moved out on my own 15 years ago and still have pots and pans my father gave me. Why? Because I use them. But I gave away an old meat cutter. Why? When do I ever make roast? I live alone!!

I can’t breaaaaff! While you clean, open the windows. Let fresh air in, especially if you sealed the windows for winter like I do. Recycling your air is a thang, you know! And also, it feels like spring really is here.

Happy cleaning!


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