Traveling in my mind

From the age of three up until now, I’ve traveled extensively. But all this time, only a handful of those trips were ones I chose to do and wanted to take; the joy of divorce parents taking you from one parent to the other.

Do you have a favorite place to travel to? Where do you dream of going?

I’ve had a travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. Some places are specific, others vague.



The land of part of my ancestors (the others are French), Scotland has been at the top of the list along with London since I was a child. The moors, the wind, the accent; everything about it attracts me. Well, almost everything. You won’t see me eat haggis anytime soon!



That comes from a book, actually. When I was 10-12 years old, I read a novel my mother had in her bookcase about twins exchanging their lives for a week. Tragedy strikes and one is stuck in the life of the other. One of the twins lives in London and wherever she went seemed magical for a pre-teen. But it never really left me and I still want to go!



The sun, the accent, the food, the welcoming people, the beaches, minus ALL THE THINGS THAT CAN KILL ME!! I don’t know, there’s something about Australia that seems so mysterious, maybe because I’m so far away.

New Zealand


You might think it’s a Lord of the Rings thing but it’s not. I studied a little of the Maori culture in college and it fascinates me still today. The scenery is gorgeous and sheep, sheep everywhere!!


Hirosaki Castle.

Only for the cherry tree blooming season. I don’t consider myself a die hard Japan lover but for someone like me who does amateur photography, this would be a dream. Catching a glimpse of all those colors and keep them for me for a while longer.



Mostly for its countryside. I’m not attracted to the big tourist spots but by those villas, wineries and so on. I don’t drink wine but I love the way it’s made. I barely eat pasta but seriously, look at them being made! And ALL THE CHEESES!!

How about you? Where do you want to go?


One thought on “Traveling in my mind

  1. I will fully agree with Scotland, London, New Zealand, and PARTS of Australia.
    I want to add in Ireland and Wales. Other parts of England (my parents have been before kids, and the stories were amazing!). Something about the Loire Valley has always held my interest, though I don’t know that I could say why…
    And, of course, Hawai’i. I want to see the black beaches there… Something about the volcanic ash beaches just seems incredible.
    As strange as it may seem, I’ve always wanted to try a night in the ice hotel in Sweden. The concept seems unique, and the ability to see the northern lights, though I have seen them before, I think the setting there would make it all the more special.

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