When a woman gets the blues

I got back from my holiday yesterday at five in the morning. Without thinking any further, I crashed into bed for a few hours of much-needed sleep. It was only when I came home after a baby shower yesterday afternoon that ‘it’ hit me.  The vacation grief. The Blues. The sadness.

I want to be home as much as I want a root canal. All I want right now is to jump in my car and drive back to see my friends again. I’m sitting here, weepy, missing them. And this hollow feeling that just won’t go away. I got used to living away from my friends and family but I never said it was always easy.

I’ll now be going through the five stages of vacation blues. You might know them.

1- Denial

No, I’m not home. No, I’m not going back to work tomorrow. No, I’m not getting back in my ass-crack-of-dawn routine. No. NO.

2- Anger

Why do I have so much laundry to do? Do I really have to start cooking again? Why in the hell do I have so much work to do since I cleared everything when I left? I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK!


It’ll be fine. I’ll get back into the shape of things only if I take it one day at a time. Maybe I can figure this out before it figures me out.

4- Depression

I want to lie in bed, eat my weight in chocolate, skip showers and clothes. Why is the sun so bright? Bring me junk food. Leave me alone, I suck.

5- Acceptance

Why not just buy my ticket for my next vacation? Then I can look forward to something.

Right now, I’m at stage 2 with a little of stage 4. I should be at stage 5 within a week or two. For the moment, I’m wrapped in a blanket, watching reruns of Supernatural, trying to get my mind into continuing my novel.

What to you do when you get the blues?



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