Vacation lists

511646_12704_613757Your humble servant is leaving for a short week on vacation at the end of the week to meet the Apocalyptical Goddesses, a.k.a my best friends in Montreal. I’m the kind of person that makes lists; clothes, things to do before I leave, things to pass the time during traveling. As an author, writing things down is natural.

So, here I am, sharing my wisdom in case you need it.

What to bring on vacation

  • Appropriate clothes. That means leave the work clothes behind. You like flashy clothes? BRING THEM!
  • Sunshades. You will NEED and WANT the sunshine during your time off. That pale shade you are…it’s the lack of sun. Don’t worry, you won’t melt.
  • A book. Not yours. You need a break.
  • A notebook. Yes, that’s allowed to note down ideas. Loki knows they come at odd times.
  • Your imaginary friends. It’s that time when you can allow yourself to daydream and not have consequences befall you.
  • Good music. That kind you hide because you’re scared people will judge you.
  • Your zen attitude. If it doesn’t the rest of the time, it should on vacation.
  • Money. It’s time to spoil yourself.

What to leave home on vacation

  • Your stress. Really, do you need it while you’re away from what stresses you?
  • Your other half. Unless you rarely spend time together.
  • The dark circles under your eyes. Time to rest up and sleep in!
  • The everyday worries. You won’t need them.
  • Those uncomfortable shoes. Leave the high heels or the loafers. Time to show toes and get your feet to breathe.
  • That character that nags at you because you can’t write it. He/She will be here when you come back.
  • If you’re really daring…leave your cell phone home. Good luck with that.

Catch you when I get back! *winks*


2 thoughts on “Vacation lists

  1. First off:
    I thought *I* was your imaginary friend???
    I don’t have shades, so I’m super screwed…
    And third:
    Since when do you sleep in??? – No wait, you’ve been known to sleep until 9am at my house… 😉

    Can’t wait to see you mon ange!


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